Safely Reopening Municipal Facilities

Cities, towns and villages have led from the front in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – from adopting measures to flatten the curve to ensuring that the most vulnerable have the support they need. In some communities, local measures are paying off and cities can consider reopening their municipal facilities. By being constantly vigilant about the changing situation, following health department guidance, and putting safety first – municipalities can continue to maintain their pandemic response efforts while reopening safely.

This toolkit aims to provide guidance, guidelines and resources on how to help your community safely reopen municipal facilities. For questions or suggestions, email

Toolkit Materials

How to Use This Toolkit

An Introduction to Safely Reopening

Care Providers Make Return to Work Possible

Guidelines for Preparing for Reopening

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Public Works, Parks and Recreation

Risk Management – Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority

Cities Are Essential Resources

Get essential resources on the fiscal and social impact of coronavirus on communities.