Supplies for Communities

Supplies and Materials for Your Community’s COVID-19 Response Efforts

Below find a list of organizations providing supplies and PPE to local governments and first responders. These organizations are not official partners of NLC. If you have supplies that cities, towns and villages can use to combat COVID-19 and would like to be listed on this page, contact

Disinfect Connect

Disinfect Connect is helping to connect distilleries producing hand sanitizer and disinfectant with at-risk organizations in need. The organization has already helped over 29,000 people get the hand sanitizer they need and have many distilleries who can help communities and cities in need.

International Consulting of America

International Consulting of America (ICA) was recently created to procure PPE for state and local governments including federal arms, hospital systems and global nonprofits. ICA is a minority owned System for Award Management (SAM) registered corporation. During this pandemic ICA’s parent company Nano Building Technologies (NBT), had an opportunity to not only set up our procurement line, but also create a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Brand, Nano Tech PPE.

All our product offerings are free of brokers and direct from the factory through our partnership with Safe Harbour, a Singapore entity headed up by Mr. Karl Patel. We have placed this barrier between us and the China factories as we have jurisdictional law with Singapore and Singapore has the same with China. The Safe Harbour group also guarantees all money that is sent to them to pay the factories directly. Through our partnership Safe Harbour and ICA have boots on the ground at all the factories listed that we carry products from. For this reason, our prices are lower than market value. We do not stockpile or sell to retail consumers, but only to end users who are in need. Our logistics are handled both by our partnership with FedEx, through their former CEO Ken May.

Follow the link on our web site below for the Catalog of PPE equipment we have available including, rapid tests, masks, thermometers and ventilators. Send your product inquiry/request through the Contact Us Link on our Web Site and one of our PPE Specialist will get back to you right away. 

Kinsa Health

Kinsa is a San Francisco-based public health company that produces smart thermometers. Kinsa’s mission is to stop the spread of contagious illness through early detection and early response. Kinsa has a developed a comprehensive solution for COVID-19 monitoring and response. With a shortage of tests and no early warning systems for where outbreaks are occurring in real time, it’s difficult for municipalities to know how to respond and triage assets for COVID-19.

Kinsa would like to partner with municipalities to create a dashboard for monitoring and response specific to each municipality, for use by municipal officials, first responders, and public health; distribute additional thermometers to households across the country to achieve a level of surveillance resolution that will allow for more localized (county and sub-county) ‘signal’ of possible COVID-19 spread. Thermometers will be distributed at cost ($20 each).

Project N95

Project N95 is a non-profit group of volunteers focused on getting personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical equipment into the hands of healthcare providers. If your city needs technical help collecting PPE supply requests and distributing to healthcare institutions, Project N95 wants to help. ProjectN95 can connect your city government with suppliers for further diligence, negotiation, and fulfillment.

Spirit Sanitizer

Supplier of Hand Sanitizer, Face Masks, and COVID-19 related PPE. They bring value to essential workers nationwide by making these resources accessible, affordable, and easy to obtain.

Product offering – including a 5% discount for NLC members.

To place an order, contact Samuel O’Donnell.