COVID-19 Older Adult Response Initiative


The National League of Cities and AARP are working together to capture and share the ways that communities are supporting older adults in their COVID-19 response. 

Data show that people age 50 and older, especially those with underlying health conditions, are among some of the most affected by COVID-19. Local leaders are taking action to support older adults in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The goal of the COVID-19 Older Adult Response Initiative is to provide mayors, local leaders and community organizations information and resources to support their response.

Through this partnership AARP and NLC will share how communities nationwide, including ones who are members of the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities, are leading, taking new action and applying their existing plans, programs and partnerships to protect and assist older residents and other high-risk individuals.

The National League of Cities and Bloomberg Philanthropies have teamed up to collect and share actions taken by local leaders in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The scale of this global crisis is unprecedented, and so is the scope of the local government response. These extraordinary efforts will have far-reaching implications to public health, municipal services, and local economies that we are only beginning to comprehend. Our goal is to ensure mayors, city leaders, and other local decision makers have the information they need to lead their communities through this crisis.

We aim to highlight and uplift the efforts of local leaders. In the coming weeks, we will be developing a more robust mechanism for local government leaders to share actions enacted in their own communities. In the meantime, we ask that you submit your actions by clicking the button below. By working together, we can take steps to ensure the health and safety of residents across the nation.


NLC has carefully curated COVID-19 resources with the local elected official in mind, including myriad best practices, tools and analyses on key issues relevant to cities, towns and villages. View Resources By Topic.


Find here a collection of resources on supporting older adults in your community.



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Best Practices

What are your peers doing across the country to support older adults? Check out our best practices blogs.

Submit Your Story

These stories of local leadership will be shared on this platform. To share how your community is supporting older adults in your coronavirus response, please take a moment to complete the our submission form.



Email NLC at for any questions related to the COVID-19 Older Adult Response Initiative.


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